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    Glisters International
Welcome to Glisters Internationals 
We have 
extensive business experience in dealing with
multi-million dollar projects in many areas of the
business community. We serve clients in many
countries in all growth sectors of the economy
including real estate & invements ,exports of commodities ,exports of products ,consultancy services,internet service providers and act as business mediators for our clients around the world .
Glisters Internationals  deals with 
investors,Lending Institutions & Corporates  around the global.
Investor benefit by having a deal-screening
mechanism, matching them with ventures in their
areas of interest. Corporations and Entrepreneurs
benefit by having their business presented to a
number of business corporates and instituties to which they normally wouldn’t
have access.
We hope that you will visit our Web Site often.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs.
Glisters Internationals
313/Churchgate Chambers ,
New Marine Lines 
Mumbai-400020( India)